Indoor Air Quality

The core of Aeris Environmental's intellectual property and growthscope is Aeris Guardour unique suite of patented multi-enzyme and anti-microbial formulations which can be tailored to specific industrial situations.
The AerisGuardHygiene Solutions remediate and protect air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from commonly occurring bacterial and mould contamination problems.
Systems protected by AerisGuardprovide significant human health, equipment efficiency and asset management benefits. 

AerisGuardTM at work - The Air Conditioning Solution 

The AerisGuard products provide a "systems" approach to maintaining a "healthy building". By treating the coils, air-handling rooms, filters and ductwork, Aeris Environmental addresses the issue of contaminated indoor air at its source. Similarly, through a novel approach to the treatment of the condenser water system, Aeris Environmental addresses the source of potential Legionella outbreaks. The following is an overview of the AerisGuard products:


Heat Exchange Coil Cleaning Solution 

The AerisGuard Coil Cleaning product is enzyme based and targets all domestic, commercial and industrial air handling installations. The product is designed for application to cooling and heating coils "in situ" as part of mechanical plant maintenance. The cleaner strips away any existing bacteria, fungi and other contaminants also removing any pre-existing AerisGuard coatings, ensuring a clean                                                                                                     surface for the application of the AerisGuard treatment. The product is non-corrosive and completely biodegradable. 

                                                                                       Coil Treatment 

                                                                                       The AerisGuard Coil Treatment product is applied "in situ" to cooling and heating coils after they have been cleaned and existing                                                                                                  biofilm removed. The treatment leaves a thin coating on the coil surface. The product is formulated to release a small amount of the                                                                                            active biocides over a period of at least 12 months after which time the AerisGuard Coil Cleaner is used to remove the existing                                                                                                      coating and the treatment is re-applied. 

                                                                                       Surface and Duct Treatment 

                                                                                       When inadequately maintained, the air handling room surfaces and air handling ducts can become colonised with bacteria and fungi.                                                                                             Aeris Environmental has a product for use in treating the walls, floors, ceilings of these air-handling rooms and ducts, preventing the                                                                                           growth of bacteria and fungi for extended periods. The product can be damp mopped or wiped onto all surfaces physically                                                                                                           accessible and can be sprayed through the system to ensure total coverage. 

                                                                                       Filter Treatment 

                                                                                       The AerisGuard Filter Treatment is applied to air filters at the time of installation. The filter treatment is based on a patented                                                                                                         technology that ensures a slow migration of a combination of active compounds into the dust particles trapped within the filter. 

                                                                                        Dust particles provide a source of nutrients for fungi, which very rapidly colonise untreated air filters. Towards the end of its working                                                                                             life a typical filter is highly contaminated. Aside from the potential human health consequences, it is largely the proliferation of the                                                                                               fungal root system that leads ultimately to the filter becoming blocked. Application of the AerisGuard Filter Treatment dramatically                                                                                               reduces this fungal growth, thereby extending the filter life, improving the filter's dust retention, reducing energy consumption and                                                                                             improving the quality of the building's indoor air. 

                                                                                        Bioactive Condensate Pan Tablet 

                                                                                        The tablet is designed to control the build up of microbial biofilm within air conditioning drain pans and associated drain lines. The                                                                                               BACP Tablet has been developed as a final complementary product to the AerisGuard suite of HVAC coil and surface cleaning and                                                                                                  residual antimicrobial treatment products. For total system protection, it is recommended that the product be used in conjunction                                                                                                with AerisGuard Coil Cleaner, AerisGuard Coil Treatment and AerisGuard Filter Treatment.