AR-GLO Bottled Dyes

AR-GLO Bottled Dyes
For Very Large Size Systems

The faster, safer and easier way to locate even tiny leaks in very large industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. AR-GLO® bottled dyes can be poured directly into any large AC&R system or be added by using a standard, refillable injector.


AR-GLO/E is a universal dye. It is formulated for mineral oil, PVE, polyol ester and alkyl benzene lubricant systems.

AR-GLO is formulated for mineral oil lubricant systems. AR-GLO/LT is formulated for alkyl benzene lubricant systems.

AR-GLO/OL is formulated for use with oil-less systems such as centrifrugal chillers or condensing systems or simple heat transfer fluid systems where there is no lubricant present. AR-GLO/OL will also effectively treat heat transfer systems as long as the heat transfer fluid will take an oil into the solution and allow the dye to circulate.

All universal/POE bottled dyes are NSF Certified and registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2 and HX-2.


                                                                                      HOW IT WORKS

                                                                                      Pour AR-GLO® bottled dye directly into the AC&R system or fill an injector with dye and connect it to the low-side access port. Add                                                                                             the exact amount of dye needed and let it circulate.

                                                                                      Scan the system with a Spectroline® inspection lamp. The precise location of all leaks will be shown by a bright, yellow-green glow.