Dye Capsules (Patented)

For Small to Medium Size Systems

Fast and easy servicing. Works in all systems, including high-pressure R-410A systems!

The revolutionary way to add fluorescent dye and refrigerant into AC&R systems. No complicated hookups! Ideal for preventive maintenance programs and for multiple, small AC&R units.

Easy to use — Prefilled, disposable capsules allow dye to be injected into pressurized systems using refrigerant.

Clean and precise — The entire contents is washed into the system.

Choice of sizes — Available in 4 sizes/concentrations to match the capacity of the system. Treats up to 2 gallons (7.6 L) of lubricant, 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of refrigerant or 12 tons of cooling.

Safe — Will withstand pressures of more than 1000 psi.

All universal/POE dye capsules are NSF Certified and registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2                                                                                         and HX-2.

                                                                                      HOW IT WORKS
                                                                                      Connect the GLO-STICK® capsule between the low-pressure gauge of a charged manifold and the service port using bleed valves.                                                                                               Open the valves slowly to gradually add AR-GLO dye into the system and let it circulate.

                                                                                      Scan the system with a Spectroline® inspection lamp. The precise location of all leaks will be shown by a bright, yellow-green glow.