Complete GLO-STICK® Kit


Features the OPX-400 OPTIMAX™ 400 economical, cordless, Violet Light
LED leak detection flashlight

FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZE AC&R SYSTEMS Convenient, mess-free, single-dose dye capsules. Add refrigerant and fluorescent dye in one simple step!

Kit contains:
(1) BV-50 bleed valve for attaching GLO-STICK® capsule to service hose

(1) PC-0249 purge capsule

(1) 119567 hose to connect to low-side service port, with purge fitting

(1) GS-1/E universal/POE GLO-STICK® dye capsule

                                                                                      (2) GS-2/E universal/POE GLO-STICK® dye capsules

                                                                                      (1) GS-3/E universal/POE GLO-STICK® dye capsule

                                                                                      8 oz (237 ml) spray bottle GLO-AWAY™ dye cleaner

                                                                                      Fluorescence-enhancing glasses and rugged carrying case